What Does Mermaid Tattoo Mean

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Mermaids, mythological half-woman/half-fish creatures, reside in the ocean’s waters which indicate a desire for the sea. Since they require huge bodies of water to survive the image of the Mermaid is a vibrant spirit of the sea. 

Mermaids have been a part of mythology for hundreds of years and are mentioned in the history of many countries around the world. In nearly every continent, there’s an extensive history of mermaid mythology and merman legends which tells tales of their mischief and guidance. 

In the past, in Assyria, the first mythology about mermaids was created. The goddess Atargatis a goddess of protection and fertility transformed herself into a sea mermaid after she failed to save her lover from death. The mermaid, in this case, represents regret and guilt and can be seen as solemnly being condemned to a life of the sea. 

Mermaid Tattoos in History

The Mermaid Tattoo Ideas is a recurring character in many mythologies of different cultures. In folklore and legends, the mermaid is usually associated with sailors and open seas. In most old tales the mermaids (or sirens) draw sailors with their stunning singing, appearance, as well as seductive methods. They draw sailors to their swollen deaths to take their treasures.

Two ancient civilizations which mention Mermaids specifically are two of them: the Greeks as well as the Romans. Mermaids have been documented as an influential contribution to coastal empires, such as Greece as well as Rome. It is believed the Greeks believe that their existence was created through an alliance between gods and marine creatures. As per the Greeks Mermaids were known to be found on rocks, trying to lure sailors to death. 

Symbolic Mermaid Meanings 

  • Wild
  • Free
  • Fluid
  • Sensual
  • Elusive
  • Knowing
  • Alluring
  • Feminine
  • Emotional

This type of emotional transformation is also linked to the moon, something that the mermaid reveres as sacred. There are many stories of unpredictability in behaviors and events that occur during various phases of the moon. It’s the reason why the word “lunacy” is based on the Latin word meaning moon. Luna.

Mermaid Tattoo Meanings Today

Many people today simply enjoy the Mermaid Tattoo Ideas design because of her beautiful pin-up style. The mermaid represents beauty, love, and mystery. She is mysterious, secretive, and extremely sensual.

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  • It doesn’t matter if men are getting tattoos of mermaids because they admire the sexual characteristics of women or whether women are getting them as she embodies many of the characteristics of a mermaid, the significance is just as deep and vast as the mystery that surrounds the mysterious sea beauty.
  • The wild side of the mermaid is unable to be controlled by anyone and that is a popular choice for a large public. The mermaid is observant, compelling, and has an uncontrollable heart.
  • With this wide range of connections, the meaning of the mermaid tattoo is a deeply personal reflection of the individual who chooses to get this sea creature permanently tattooed on their body.
  • If it’s an attribute you would like to have or are currently enjoying or already have, it is evident why mermaid tattoos have gained such an international appeal.

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