russia twitter april twitterrodionovreuters

russia twitter april twitterrodionovreuters

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As we continue to follow the news from all around the world, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening in Russia. Recent events there have highlighted some important trends, including Twitter usage and international relations. Twitter has been a powerful tool for reporting on events in Russia and other parts of the world. Russia’s government has struggled to control the social media platform, as people have used it to share information about protests, political corruption, and more. As relations between Russia and the United States deteriorate, it’s important to keep an eye on how Twitter is being used to report on these events. This information can help us better understand the dynamics of international relations and how they are changing.

Vladimir Putin Wins Second Term as Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been re-elected to a second term in office, with 76 percent of the vote according to exit polls. This is his fourth consecutive term as president and he will be 79 when his next term expires in 2024.

Putin’s opponents had charged that he was using Russia’s military intervention in Syria and its annexation of Crimea as pretenses for a return to power. But Putin argued that Russia needed to restore its sovereignty after years of humiliation by the West, and mentioned neither issue during his campaign.

Western sanctions over Ukraine were not mentioned either. Instead, Putin focused on improving life at home by reducing corruption, increasing social welfare spending, and boosting the economy.

Russian Twitter Reacts to Vladimir Putin’s Victory in Presidential Election

Russian Twitter reacts to Vladimir Putin’s victory in Presidential election.

After a long and heated campaign, Vladimir Putin was declared the victor of Russia’s Presidential election on Sunday, with almost 64% of the vote. The result was widely acclaimed by Kremlin officials and many Russian citizens, who credited Putin with restoring stability to the country after years of political turmoil.

Many Russians used social media to share their reactions to Putin’s win. Here are some of the most popular tweets about Putin’s victory:

На русском яндексе вот прогноз на выборы президента #видиморусским — Ezgi Küpeli (@Ezgi_Kupeli) April 17, 2018

#видиморусским я чувствую что вся Россия улыбаеться! — Lidia Gromova (@LidiaGromova) April 17, 2018

Ivanka Trump Tweets About Her Father’s Victory

Ivanka Trump tweets about her father’s victory

Ivanka Trump tweeted congratulations to her father on his election victory. “Happy #PresidentialElections day – let’s get to work!” she wrote.

Reuters Releases a Statement on the Election Results

Reuters Releases a Statement on the Election Results

On November 8th, 2016, Americans elected Donald J. Trump as their 45th president of this United States. This election has come under scrutiny by many due to widespread reports of Russian interference in order to help Trump win the election. Reuters released a statement today condemning these actions and reaffirming its commitment to free and fair elections.


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to butt heads during their first meeting, with Twitter erupting in memes. Reuters reports that the two leaders disagreed on many issues, including Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

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