emarketer spotify us 28.2m podcastspereztechcrunch

emarketer spotify us 28.2m podcastspereztechcrunch

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There’s no doubt that streaming services are becoming more and more popular. In fact, according to a recent report from Nielsen, streaming services now account for nearly one-third of all audio listening time in the US. One of the biggest players in this space is Spotify. And while they’ve had some rough times recently (see: copyright issues), their podcast ecosystem is still thriving. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Spotify’s podcast ecosystem is doing and how you can benefit from it. We’ll also provide some tips on how to create successful podcasts with Spotify. So whether you’re looking to increase your reach or simply learn more about podcasting, read on!

Spotify Launches New Podcasts Feature

Spotify Launches New Podcasts Feature

Spotify has announced a new feature that will allow users to find and listen to podcasts on the platform. The new feature, called “Podcasts,” will be available in the Spotify app and website and will include a variety of different shows. The first batch of shows that are available in the new feature include Serial, The Joe Rogan Experience, With Friends Like These…, and Stuff You Should Know. According to Spotify, there are over 100 different episodes of each show available to listen to. The podcast selection will continue to grow over time as more shows are added to the feature.

Crunch Report: 28.2 Million Podcast Downloads in the United States in Q3 2018

According to newly released data fromSpotify, the music streaming service had its best quarter ever in Q3 2018, as 28.2 million Americans downloaded podcasts through the app. This is up 36% over the same period last year and makes podcasting one of Spotify’s fastest-growing categories.

To put this number into perspective, consider that Apple Music saw a total of 21 million downloads in Q3 2018. The numbers also show that podcasting is now an important part of the audio ecosystem for a variety of listeners: twenty-eight percent of Spotify users have listened to at least one podcast in the past month, while 43% say they listen to podcasts regularly.

Interestingly, male listeners are more likely than female listeners to have downloaded podcasts through Spotify (32% vs 24%), but there is no difference when it comes to listening habits: 47% of all podcast listeners say they listen regularly. This shows thatpodcasts can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders.

Spotify isn’t the only player in this market: Apple recently announced that it has reached 10 billion Podcast app downloads across all platforms, including iOS and Android devices as well as Macs and PCs. And while Spotify may be dominating in terms of U.S. downloads, other services like Pocket Castsand Overcast are doing well too: Overcast had 1 million new subscribers in Q3 2018 alone and Pocket Casts was recently acquired by CBS Interactive so it will be interesting to see how

How to make money from your podcasts

There are a few ways to make money from your podcasts. The most common way is to sell advertising space. You can also sell memberships, merchandise, or content extensions. You can also earn money through sponsorships or through selling transcribed versions of your episodes. Finally, you can offer consulting services for podcasters who want to start their own shows.

The top 5 most popular podcasts in the United States

2.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
3.Pod Save America
5.Fresh Air


Spotify is continuing to grow its audience, with 28.2 million U.S. podcast listeners in 2018, up from 27 million in 2017, according to market research firm emarketer. The number of U.S. podcast listeners increased by 9 percent year over year, outpacing the overall growth of the American podcast industry and reaching 8 percent of all audio streaming minutes across platforms in 2018. Podcasting continues to be a popular format for getting information and entertainment—especially among millennials—and Spotify has been able to make it even more enjoyable by bringing together great content with an intuitive user interface that makes finding and listening to podcasts easy. So if you’re looking for something fun and informative to listen to on your commute or while you work on your projects, give somepodcasts a try!

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