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What is the best time to choose Pocket-friendly Umrah packages?

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 The most revered Islamic rituals, Hajj and Umrah, are always an honor and a spiritual pilgrimage for all Muslims worldwide. Ibadah considered these as the most efficient ways to cleanse one’s soul and remove past sins. Umrah is often called the “minor” Hajj. The performance of Umrah is also the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, so it is highly virtual. There are many umrah packages available in the market you can buy what you want.

As no definite time is specified to perform Umrah, it can be performed all around the year. The Ibadah gives Muslims the liberty to choose the most convenient time for them to perform it. The Muslims are granted this freedom by their Lord for them to adjust their time following their daily routine and schedule.

If a pilgrim has been granted the freedom to select his own time. So why not choose a time that will benefit you in every way? Opt for the cheapest Umrah packages from the UK. So that while fulfilling a religious duty, a pilgrim can also save money.

How much does Umrah cost on average?

Umrah packages are offered all year round. Thus, pricing will change depending on the month you choose to make your reservation.

Want to know the cheapest seasons for Umrah packages?

There is no best time for Umrah because of the pilgrim’s personal choices. For some, performing Umrah during Ramadan or Rabi Ul-Awwal earns the most blessings. Whereas, for others, it is more important that their spiritual journey be cheap, hassle-free, and less crowded so that they can stay focused on their creator and perform Nafl prayers.


Because the weather is neither cold nor sweltering hot, many pilgrims like to schedule their Umrah around the months of spring. Spring is one of the ideal periods to perform Umrah. Especially for those who might find the scorching midst of the desert to be a shock (also scoring highly on the pilgrim-o-meter). As they worship their Lord together, pilgrims gathered in Makkah in great numbers. This is the city that never sleeps if there is such a thing. Of course, if you’d like a time when it’s not as busy, there is a slight drawback to this.


You’ll find that temperatures are extremely hot from June to August. However, compared to spring, these months are less crowded for pilgrims, with the additional benefit of cheaper Umrah packages costs. These months are some of the best ones to book flights and find the ideal Umrah packages if you want to avoid the crowds of other pilgrims.s


From September to November, the weather can be quite humid, and rainfall is less frequent.

In these months, fewer people are making reservations, which is convenient because rates are lower.


When the bustle of Hajj has passed in Dhul-Hijjah, many pilgrims find solace in performing Umrah during the winter. Outside of Ramadan, one of the best seasons for Umrah is winter, which invites pilgrims to warm weather. Not only that, but if you’ve booked Umrah with your family, this is one of the best times to organize tours and activities with them. In December, the average temperature in Makkah is 31 degrees Celsius, while in Madinah it ranges from 24 to 25 degrees Celsius.

From a financial perspective, performing Umrah in the months of Ramadan, Sha’ban, Rabi Ul-Awwal, and Dhul-Hijjah is not the best choice. These months are peak season, with very high prices for hotels and tickets. Especially with family, it is not suitable to plan your Umrah in the summer (May–Augustgust) because of very extreme weather conditions with average temperatures equivalent to 45oC but that can rise to 54oC very often.

From an economical and less crowded point of view and keeping extreme temperatures in consideration, the best time for Umrah, especially with family, starts from the last week of November to April. These months are typically off-peak, so hotel rates are reasonable near Mecca and Medina. Tickets are usually quite affordable, and crowds are generally lesser during the off-peak season. There is also the possibility of kissing a prestigious black stone in Mecca, as there are fewer crowds.

When is the best time to book your Umrah for maximum savings?

The best time for Umrah reserving is 3–4 months in advance. Especially for those who want to perform a mini pilgrimage during Ramadan. According to Saudi Ministry policy, the Umrah visa is closed from the middle of Ramadan to Dhul-Hijjah, and the border is closed to prepare for the Hajj season. It is also best to make 2–3-month bookings at other times of the year so that all travel and accommodation are dealt with. As a result, you can carry out your spiritual journey with complete dedication to Allah, the Almighty.

“Off-season” times for Umrah will be the start of the Umrah season. So, from the 1st of Muharram till the middle of December let’s say (of course depending on the year and how it moves).

Since fewer people are often available currently, it is simpler to obtain affordable hotels (see below) and flights. Additionally, tawaf is considerably more enjoyable when less busy.

“Peak season” begins in December during the holidays for those traveling from the West like the UK and the US for Umrah. They typically receive additional days without having to take an annual vacation, because of this.

So, if people from the UK, and the US want to perform Umrah with maximum savings. Then they must come in off-season times other than their vacations.

“Super-Peak time” is no doubt during Ramadan and particularly the last 10 nights of Ramadan. This is when most individuals wish to go but sadly miss the point of booking on time.

There is no denying that this is the most fortunate time to travel. But it is also the most expensive, especially if you arrive late. The cost of accommodation and flights is also extremely high, particularly around Haram.


Off-seasons are the best way to find pocket-friendly umrah from UK In this season Eiman Travels offers different kinds of deals and discounts so you can find the best deal this season

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